Thursday, 11 February 2016

Things come full circle

Just a quick post to mark the start of grazing 2016. 

Cows back fenced onto the break.

Cows have been out day and night since 27th Jan. The weather has been very mixed. One minute bright and dry, the next torrential rain and 20mph+ winds. Teat condition had been a concern so I've doubled the amount applied by the auto teat sprayers. Most breaks require a back fence to avoid treading the same area twice.

The good news is that our heifer synchrony has worked well. 68% of those submitted have calved to the single service. What's pleasing to see is that our second calvers are now "second to calve" as they were front loaded into our block last year and were the first submitted when mating started. Hopefully they can stay in this "virtuous circle" this year!

Here are some farm facts as of today 11/2/16:

Avg cover: 2500
Planned start of calving: 7/2 (1/2 Heifers)
Percentage calved: 36%

And here are the final KPIs from last year:

Grass grown TDM: 15
Kg MS/Cow: 481
Kg MS/Ha: 1588
Kg Conc/Cow: 980
Avg Cows/Ha: 3.6
MT rate@12 weeks: 7%
InCalf@6 weeks AI: 83%

All in all a good year for us and a great grass growing year.
Until next time, keep grazing!

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