Thursday, 26 February 2015

1000 Visits!

Just a short post today to let you all know the blog has passed 1000 page visits!

Table showing page visits by nation

Thanks to everyone who has stopped by, and for all the positive feedback I've received in the last month.

I hope to post at least fortnightly throughout the year, and try to cover as many topics as I can. I've tried to steer it away from being over technical and wonkish, to provide a broader appeal. But if more detail and figures are what you're after then here is a list of sites/sources I love to read and trawl:
The Irish research farm Moorepark provides a fantastic starting point for pretty much any topic concerning grass based systems.
Lincoln University Dairy Farm, based in Canterbury, NZ. Check out their 'Focus Day' handouts, providing a wealth of information, and demonstrating just how much can be recorded and analysed on a farm.
Past proceedings from the annual South Island Dairy Event in NZ. A huge number of topics are covered. One of the first sites I came across, and still keeping me occupied for hours!
DairyNZ's website, particularly useful is the NZAEL section, which provides proofs for bulls based on BW.

I hope these sites prove as useful to you as they have been to myself.

Until next time, good luck and keep grazing!


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