Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Let's go grazing!

Just a short post to mark the start of grazing at Tre Abbot.

Cows grazing paddock 9

Barring any extreme weather events, like the snow of Spring 2013, milkers will be out grazing day and night until the last week of November. Ground conditions are good at the moment, with cold winds drying the farm for the last 3 days.

Grazing Wedge 01/02/15

Figures about the weeks grazing:

Average Cover: 2500
Growth: 3.5*
Demand: 3.5
Rotation Length: 120
Allocation per day Ha: 0.88
LU/Ha: 0.5
Supplements Kg: 3 Concentrate, 2 Silage

* First measurement since November, so read this as average winter growth.

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